Improved Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen

Two people (husband and wife or siblings) sleeping on a single bed side by side will have enough space on a memory foam mattress. Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen is the ideal size of a bed if two persons are sleeping together. There is ample space to move about; there is enough room for shifting position. Movements while sleeping are uncontrollable, and the space provided by a bed with a Memory foam mattress gives all the comfort for two people.

Why is a bed not enough that you would need a mattress topper? The memory foam mattress topper had lots to offer – comfort, air circulation, and protection. The mattress topper made of quality materials that are soft and relaxing. The topper Made from breathable materials, the topper allows the air to circulate. Protection is two-fold – one for the bed and one for the person sleeping on it. It serves as the bed cover, and it prevents accumulation of the allergens – dust mites.

The type of topper is a memory foam material which has derived the name form the foam’s capability to memorize the shape of its precedent form. NASA first introduced it in 1970. That was intended to relieve too much pressure in the space rocket launching activities. The characteristics then of the memory foam were brittle, susceptible to cracks and stinking foul smell. When 1980 came, research did on the viability of improving the features of the memory foam. It used for a medicinal purpose – that of relieving users of back pains. It passed the critical eyes of users, and it introduced in the public market in 1990. It gained the desired result – memory foam became a household fixture. In 1990, it was made public, and people tried to test its efficacy. Moreover, from that time, the memory foam had a high asking price. However, since men are by nature innovative, many similar products went into the market thus lowering the price cost.

Today, you can buy the Memory foam mattress in different thickness – 2 inches, 3 inches or 4 inches. The Topper queen Made of 100% polyurethane, the queen size topper has a dimension of 58 inches x 77 inches. You will find most memory foam mattress topper with terry cloth cover. They still are hypo-allergenic, anti-dust mites and anti-microbial.

Advantage of using a memory foam mattress topper

The turning and tossing in bed while sleeping reduced because of relief of pressure brought about by using the topper.

It gives support to the body by cradling the whole body structure.

The motion transfer between the two sleepers reduced.

It provides excellent air circulation for sleeping comfort.

When buying the memory foam mattress topper, follow some of the necessary instructions, viz:

Remove from packaging within 72 hours of delivery. That will maximize the expansion of the memory foam.

Unpack immediately and allow 48 hours for the memory foam to return to its actual shape and size.

After unpacking, air it for a few hours to remove the odor that trapped because of plastic packaging.

Each piece of memory foam mattress topper is unique in some exact ways.

Now that you have given an idea – will you use a memory foam mattress on top of your bed? Try it and experience a soothing comfort. You surely will enjoy a peaceful slumber!

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