Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews Buying Guide 2017

The bamboo sheets are an indispensable accessory in your bedroom apart from pillows, mattresses and beds. Not only good for the price, the bamboo sheets are also known for their excellent quality, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and temperature properties. Due to the fact that they are made from natural bamboo, they are more resistant to mold and humidity. Bamboo sheets are known for their high quality, soft, and hypo allergenic weaving that is recommended for people of all ages including children.

As is known worldwide, good sleep can only be achieved in an environment where proper care and soft materials are used. The added advantage of using bamboo slabs is that you do not need to worry about your family when you encounter cold victims, fall into infection, or develop strong spills under untested conditions. Control. But for all of those advantages, there is a small problem finding the perfect bedspread for your bed – there are countless varieties of best bamboo sheets on the market. Learn about the top 10 bamboo sheets reviews manufacturers today.


Top 10 Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews 2017

1. King Gray Silky Soft bed sheets Set – Bamboo Sheet Set

King Gray Silky Soft bed sheets SetMeasuring 14.3 inches by 9.6 inches by 3.8 inches, King Gray Silky Soft bed sheets Set are great for keeping you cool. They are exceptionally soft, very comfortable and easy on the budget. The king set includes two king pillowcases measuring 20″ by 40″, flat sheet 110″ by 102″ and fitted sheet 78″ by 80″ and fits up to 18 inches mattress. Made from the 300-thread count that creates a light and luxurious fabric. The bed sheets are 100% rayon from Bamboo fabric thereby creating a silky soft and breathable fabric. These bamboo sheets usually adjust to room and body temperature hence they are comfortable in every season. Made from smooth, hypoallergenic fabric hence ideal for people with chemical sensitivity and allergies.


  • Simple to care for as they are machine washable but only in cold water and dry on low heat
  • The sheets fabric is highly absorbent with excellent wicking properties
  • The sheets get softer with every wash making them more comfortable
  • Soft, comfortable and breathable
  • A healthy option for people with allergies

CONS: No bleach in case you want to get rid of a stubborn stain.

2. LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury – Bamboo Sheet Set (Queen – Stone)

LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury – Bamboo Sheet SetAvailable in a variety of color options, LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set are crafted of rayon from bamboo for a durable yet eco-friendly design. They are made from moisture-wicking, temperature regulating fabric that provides year-round comfort with a 250-thread count twill weave from high-quality yarns to create a luxurious yet light fabric. In addition, the bed sheets set includes one fitted sheet measuring 60 by 80 inches, two queen size pillowcases 20 by 34 inches and one flat sheet 90 by 102 inches. The fitted sheet is designed to create a smooth and secure fit on mattress depths up to 14 inches. To ensure a secure fit, the fitted bamboo sheets features thick elastic that spans the whole perimeter of the sheet. Features round fibers that create a gentle fabric great for people with eczema or sensitive skin. Made of 100% rayon from bamboo, a material well known for creating the perfect sheets — soft, light and silky.


  • Offers year-round comfort in all temperatures
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • Noticeably softer than cotton fabric It’s light, sweet and silky

CONS: They wrinkle badly

3. Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection Bamboo Embossed Bed Sheet Set

Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection Bamboo Embossed Bed Sheet SetMade of strong, fade resistant fabric to stay vibrant for a very long period of time with regular use, this king size, aqua light blue sheet set allows you to enjoy a luxurious night sleep. Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection 100-Percent Microfiber Bamboo Embossed Bed Sheet Set includes two pillowcases 20 by 40 inches, a flat sheet 105 by 102 inches and a fitted sheet 80 by 78 inches. The fitted sheet features a deep pocket that accommodates extra thick mattresses measuring up to 18″ thick with a full elasticized border for a snug fit. The sheets are made of 100% luxurious silky brushed microfiber that is lustrous and cool to the touch. The brushed microfiber fabric is breathable and wicks moisture away. The bamboo sheets are made to last for many years to come and seamed with the strongest stitching to prevent any kind of tears. Microfiber fabric repels dust, mites, and other allergens hence the sheets are perfect for people with allergies. Its wicking properties make stain removal a piece of cake.


  • This sheet set is machine washable to make cleaning time a piece of cake
  • Unlaundered or unused sheets can be returned in their original packaging for a full refund up to 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Resists wrinkles, won’t stretch and is environmentally friendly
  • Well stitched hence suitable for long-term use

CONS: Few customers have complained about some few loose threads in one of the pillowcases

4. Ultra-Soft and Exquisitely Silky – Bamboo Sheet Set (Queen, Gray)

Ultra-Soft and Exquisitely SilkyEnjoy a luxurious night’s sleep with this silky and soft sheet set from these bamboo sheets set with a smooth touch. Ultra-Soft and Exquisitely Silky – Bamboo Sheet Set is temperature regulated to keep you cool during summers and warm during winters. They are made from an eco-friendly source and measures 11″ by 11″ by 9.5″. Features natural wicking abilities for super absorption. These bamboo sheets set include 2 standard pillowcases 20 by 30 inches, 1 flat sheet 92 by 102 inches and a fitted sheet with 18-inch pockets (60 by 80 inches). Hypo-allergenic hence it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Exceptionally durable while remaining lightweight (weighs 4.4 pounds only).


  • Machine washable 100% viscose from bamboo sheet sets
  • Very soft and comfy
  • Wonderfully breathable, healthy and warm

CONS: No bleach

5. Silky Sheet Set 100% Viscose from Bamboo (King, Taupe)

Silky Sheet Set 100% Viscose from BambooWrap yourself in the softness of the luxurious 100% viscose from Bamboo sheets. The sheets are soft to the touch and with bamboo’s unique thermal regulating quality. 100% Viscose from Bamboo Silky Sheet Set comes with two king pillowcases measuring 20 by 40 inches each, 1 flat sheet measuring 110 by 102 inches and a fitted sheet 78 by 80 inches. Easy care as they are machine washable and can be pressed with warm iron if needed. Have a natural wicking ability that is able to absorb much better compared to other fabrics like cotton. Made with 100% Rayon from Bamboo, one of the softest fabrics in the world. Resistant dust mites and other allergens hence perfect for people with allergies and chemical sensitivity.


  • Extremely comfortable in all seasons
  • Perfect for people with allergies
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean and iron
  • Warm enough to soothe you to sleep soundly

CONS: No bleach

6. BedVoyage Bamboo Rayon Sheet Set

BedVoyage Bamboo Rayon Sheet SetThese are not your ordinary bamboo sheets. The BedVoyage sheet set is derived from the finest bamboo linens and threaded with 1,000 Pima cotton threads to achieve an end product that is incredibly breathable, warm and soft. Made from 100% bamboo-derived rayon produced from bamboo viscose Material made of an eco-friendly “closed-loop” process comprising of plants harvested from non-polluted regions in Asia The set comprises an 18 inch deep-pocket high fitted sheet, 60 by 60-inch flat sheet and two comfy pillowcases.


  • Easy to care for, clean and maintain
  • Built with fade free, well-stitched material for maximum durability
  • Recommended for people with sensitive skin

CONS: This bamboo sheet type wrinkles quite a lot when you remove them from the dryer

7. ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set

ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet SetUltra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set by ExceptionalSheets boasts a natural, silky make that in addition to adding a touch of luxury to the bed does a pretty good job in adjusting the temperature. You will not have to worry about finding a size that fits your bed either because the manufacturer presents these in unique sizes including Split King, California King, and Twin XL in addition to other basic sizes. Built using authentic rayon that is extracted from natural bamboo plants. Features anti-static technology and is great for people with chemical sensitivity or skin allergies. Moreover, you will experience wicking properties which make the bamboo sheets super absorbent. The material is based on 300 thread count which is dexterously constructed to produce a final product that is softer than silk, cotton, and cashmere. Exceptional durable and attractively lightweight. Note that it is available in all bed sizes meaning you can still find a perfect deal for your luxury bed.


  • Amazingly soft and breathable – way softer than any cotton sheets we’ve come across
  • They are designed to drape and fall across your body tightly when you sleep under them.
  • They maintain a perfect balance of temperature – not too hot or too cold.

CONS: Can get stiff and rough if washed in hot water or dried in high heat (Recommended: tumble dry on low)

8. Brielle 100 Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheets

Brielle 100 Percent Rayon Bamboo SheetsIf you are looking for something that is softer than your other cotton sheets but still durable and easy to care for Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set has all your needs covered. Made with the finest bamboo fibers and borrowing heavily from the intricate construction of cotton fibers, this material provides a superb touch of silkiness and luxury. The material has the comfort of cashmere and the softness of silk – all in one. Proven to have anti-fungal, antibacterial and deodorizing properties all thanks to its natural traits that have been studied for years. It has millions of micro gaps which give it 4 times more moisture wicking potential and breathability than cotton material. Enhanced with 300 thread count sateen weave which comprises of single-ply yarns. Sateen has this luxurious eye-catching weave that provides an extremely soft fabric with a silky sheen.


  • They are very soft and you can keep them softer with bi-weekly washes.
  • They breathe well and really look nice.
  • If you live in a warm place, you will be glad to learn that these bamboo sheets sleep cold when it’s hot and get slightly warm when it’s colder than usual


  • These are definitely not your cheaper option.
  • Some users find them to be extremely thin and too light which makes them a bit clingy

9. Malouf Rayon Bamboo Sheets (100% Rayon)

Malouf Rayon Bamboo SheetsTheir porous composition of rayon from bamboo material makes them breathable, warm, comfortable and healthy. But besides that, MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set has deep pockets and an ultra-thick, full-length that creates a secure, smooth fit on mattress depths of up to 22 inches. Available in all bed size varieties from Twin, Twin XL, Full XL, King, California King to Split queen. Available in different colors including white, ivory, ash, citron, driftwood and rain. They come fully elasticized and fully fitted with deep pockets that guarantee a secure fit on mattress depths from 6 inches to 22 inches. Boasts a soft, sleek finish which apart from keeping your body cool and dry protects you from anti-fungal infections.


  • Have a smooth supple feel
  • Incredible ability to dissipate temperatures when compared to standard cotton
  • This bamboo sheet type provides a perfect match for memory foam beds particularly due to temperature regulation

CONS: Can wrinkle terribly after washing and drying

10. Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets

Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King SheetsKnown for their softness, cleanliness, and greenness, the Cariloha bamboo sheets stand tall among the best bed sheets on the market today. Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets – 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set is fully made of natural bamboo fibers that are woven together into a silky soft fabric, which is hypoallergenic and machine-washable. Has deep pockets that can fit over most pillow top mattresses of up to 18 inches Made of soft naturally luxurious Viscose material that is twice as soft as 1,000-thread count Egyptian cotton, providing you with the most comfortable sheets to sleep on. Dexterously stitched together to provide natural breathability, moisture-wicking and all-night temperature regulation keeping the sleeper comfortable throughout the night.


  • Easy to wash (machine washable – cold, tumble dry on low heat)
  • Capable of repelling bacteria, mold and dust mites
  • Comfortable both in summer and winter

CONS: Inadequate overhang

How to Choose the Best Bed Bamboo Sheets

An average human being spends at least 1/3 of their lives in bed sleeping and for that reason, it is imperative to invest in the best bed sheets available. The first factor to consider is fabric. There are fabrics like cotton, polyester, satin, silk, and bamboo. Bamboo is known for being softer and more comfortable followed by cotton which is also pretty popular. Thread count may also matter as far as softness is a factor. Always remember that the higher the thread count, the higher the material tends to be. Lastly, you want to buy your bamboo bed sheets (or other types of bed sheets) from a reputable company that has a track record of producing great quality.

Overall, bamboo sheets are preferred by many because of the following reasons.

  • Bamboo is an eco-friendly source of fabric
  • This material has many therapeutic benefits in addition to being anti-fungal and antibacterial
  • Compared to cotton, bamboo material is softer and can only be likened to silk or cashmere
  • Bamboo is naturally porous a feat that makes it highly absorbent and breathable Bamboo is odor resistant hence requiring less frequent washing

Competition – Which One Is the Best?

The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets is a top contender for the top position but it misses out due to the fact that the overhang provided is largely inadequate. The second runners-up position goes to BedVoyage Bamboo Rayon Sheet Set which loses out of the coveted top position mainly due to wrinkling after a typical wash. The top position goes to Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection which boasts incredible microfiber that repels dust, mites, and allergens in addition to the ability to wick moisture away. These winning bamboo sheets are easy to clean in a machine that they are capable of resisting wrinkles. Above all, the manufacturer provides a full refund over a period of 6 months from the date of purchase thereby protecting the consumer’s value for money.