How To Make Your Air Mattress More Comfortable

how to make your air mattress more comfortable

Air mattresses are convenient, but some models can lack in comfort. You might wonder how to make your air mattress more comfortable. Whether you are setting up temporary guest bedding, furnishing a spare room or even using an air mattress while transitioning to a new place, here are some tips to help get the most out of an air bed.

First: Pick a proper place
Deciding where in the room to place the mattress is important, as getting up from the floor while lying on one of these is a bit tricky. Place the bed next to something to use for support while you stand up, such as a couch or door frame. This can greatly improve your ability to get in and out of an inflating mattress.

Second: Make any floor suitable
A slick floor, such as tile or hardwood, can ruin a good night of sleep if it causes your air mattress to slide. Simply placing a sheet underneath the bed can help prevent this.

Third: Top it off for comfort
In order to help your air mattress feel more like a traditional bed, use a mattress topper. These specialty toppers usually are made of foam and effectively create a “pillow top” mattress. One of the worst things about an inflatable mattress is that they often lose air and gradually deflate overnight, which can mean waking up on a hard floor. A foam topper or even a couple blankets or comforters can help combat this problem.

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