Guest Mattress Can Help Your Guest Sleep Comfortably

Nowadays, guest mattress is becoming popular. Guest mattresses are kept in a guest room. If a guest or a relative come to your house you can have them sleep in that guest rooms comfortably. But some people are very worried that they could not have guest rooms because they are having short of space. Don’t worry you can easily make some arrangement by keeping a foldable mattress for guests. So that the guest can spend a peaceful night at your home and you feel satisfied for being able to help your guest by providing a guest mattress. If you don’t any specific room for making a guest room, does not matter. No specific room no problem, but you can arrange a guest mattress and a fan and small side table so that your guest can sleep and relax for the night.

Different types of mattress can be used as a guest mattress

There are different types of guest mattress available. You can camp guest mattress for your guests. These mattresses are flexible. They can be easily folded and unfolded. These mattresses can be kept folded at one corner of the room, thus providing enough space for the room. And then you can make the space for other activities. Then you can also keep it unfolded. Whichever you want you can do. Then there are available a king mattress which can be used by blowing air into it. When you are not going to use it you can let the air blow out and keep it folded. Or you can also have trundle beds which are very famous for kids.

Guest bed can be made easily

If you need to modify a guest bed, don’t worry. It is very simple to do. If you are having any extra bed, make it a guest bed. To make it beautiful drill holes on the sides and fit frames if you want. Or if you want you can cut the boards on the head side or foot side. Then you need to sand it. Then you must color the guest bed beautifully so that your guest does not feel that it’s an old bed. Then you can also polish them to look them good. After coloring the guest bed you need to keep the bed for hours so that the color gets dry and after that you can polish them. When polishing and coloring is over you must have a mattress placed over the bed. The mattress should be of good quality, so that your guest feels comfortable and sleep nicely and comfortably. Then you need to give a bed sheet over the bed. The color must be well chosen, it should be of soft color. Then you must arrangement pillows. Pillows must have the covers and the covers must be of contrasting colors with the bed sheet. Then you must have a side table along the bed, and a night lamp must be there and water jug along with a glass. Thus, in this you can easily make a guest bed. So that your relative or guests whoever comes can spend a relaxing and peaceful night.

Protect Yourself Against Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Mattress Cover
If you already have bed bugs, or if your home is at risk of getting them, a bed bug mattress cover is one of the best investments you can make. A zippered bed encasement as they are sometimes called, is the first step towards preventing or eradicating bed bugs.

If you are not sure if you have bed bugs, check out How do I tell if I have bed bugs?

How do bed bug mattress covers work?
Bed bug mattress covers are generally made of tough plastic such as vinyl or polyurethane. You slide your mattress into the plastic sleeve and then do up the zip. This fully encloses your mattress in a bed bug proof envelope. It will prevent any bed bugs already inside your mattress from escaping and biting you while you sleep. And it will ensure no bed bugs can get in to your mattress to hide.

What kind of bed bug mattress cover should I buy?
Not all mattress covers and encasements do the job well – you need to look for one that is proven and guaranteed to be escape proof and bed bug bite proof. When choosing the right mattress cover for your home there are two parts to consider: the material and the zipper.

Bed bug mattress cover material

A breathable material such as polyurethane will be much more comfortable than a cheaper material such as vinyl.
A silent material won’t make any noise when you move around in bed at night.
Machine washable and dry-able:
Machine washable and dry-able material will be much easier to clean than one that needs dry cleaning for instance. If you do have bed bugs in your mattress you will want to leave the cover on continuously for 18 months to ensure all bed bugs are dead.
Bed bug proof
The material should be tough enough to prevent bed bugs passing through it and also to prevent them biting you while you sleep. This means any bed bugs already in your mattress will not be able to feed and will eventually die. And no more bed bugs will be able to enter your mattress to hide.
Bed bug mattress cover zipper

Zipper teeth:
Make sure the zipper teeth are small enough to prevent bed bugs passing right through the zipper. If they are too large then the mattress cover will be useless because the bed bugs will still be able to gain access to your mattress.
Zipper stop:
The zipper should go all the way to the seam and there should be no gap at the end of the zipper.
Finally, make sure your mattress cover comes with a warranty. Many of the better quality brands such as AllerZip, Luna, Protect-A-Bed and Sleep Tite come with a 10 or even 15 Year Warranty.

Top 10 Tips to A Good Night’s Sleep

sleep better

Consistently getting a good night’s sleep can help you lead a healthier, happier life. The amount of sleep needed varies greatly for different people, but the quality of sleep is important for everyone. About one-third of the adults in the country experience insomnia to some degree at any time, so if you have trouble sleeping, you are not alone. Making a few changes in your daily routine may be your answer to getting the refreshing sleep you need.

1. Timing
Keeping a regular, consistent schedule regarding bedtime is the most important method of getting good sleep every night. Make a habit of going to bed the same time each night and getting up the same time every morning, and stick with the routine even on weekends. Go to bed as soon as possible after you feel tired to avoid tossing and turning.

2. Exercise
Aerobic exercise that gets your heart beating faster can help you sleep better at night when you do the exercising at least four hours before bedtime, preferably before dinner. Activities like jogging, brisk walking, bicycling or swimming for 20 minutes to an hour during the day make a good contrast to the quiet time needed for sleep at night.

Some people find that gentle exercises like stretching near bedtime help them sleep better.

3. Napping
Naps lasting only 10 to 30 minutes can be beneficial if they occur no later than the middle of the afternoon. If you get sleepy early in the evening, avoid napping at that time by doing some type of mild activity like calling or emailing friends, taking a leisurely stroll or doing anything that gets you moving about. Napping in the evening can interfere with your sleep during the night because you may wake up after sleeping just a few hours if you have had a late nap.

4. Comfort
Your bed should be large enough to allow for stretching and turning comfortably to keep you from waking up with every change of position.

Waking in the mornings with an aching back or a sore neck is an indication that you may need to use a different pillow, a foam mattress topper or even a new folding mattress. Try experimenting with different levels of firmness to determine if you need more or less support.

5. Environment
Ideal sleeping temperatures range around 60 degrees. You will sleep better if you use extra blankets to keep warm instead of turning up the heat in your room.

If noises disturb your sleeping, try a white noise machine, or improvise with a running fan or a radio set between stations. If you cannot mask the noise, you may need to wear earplugs like those that people use to protect their ears when working around noisy machinery.

Wear an eye mask if you cannot avoid sleeping in a room where the light from a TV or other sources disturbs your sleep. The biological clock in your brain needs a dark room for the best sleeping conditions, but if necessary, you can create that darkness easily with a simple sleep mask.

6. Eating and Drinking
What you eat and drink, as well as when you eat and drink, can play an important role in how well you sleep.

Eat dinner early in the evening, and do not eat rich, heavy foods within two hours of bedtime. Your digestive system must work harder to process fatty foods, and acidic or spicy foods can cause heartburn and stomach problems that may keep you awake.

Although drinking alcohol before bedtime may help you fall asleep faster, it lowers the quality of your sleep and may cause you to wake up a few hours after going to bed. If you drink alcohol, do so earlier in the evening. Drinking caffeine can be responsible for sleep problems as long as 12 hours after consuming the beverage, so try to avoid drinks that contain caffeine in the afternoon as well as in the evening.

7. Emotions
Emotions like stress, anxiety and anger can keep you from getting good, restful sleep.

Try to realize how fruitless it is to worry about things that you cannot control, and dismiss those things from your mind. If you are anxious because you have so much to do, learn how to manage your time more efficiently and how to delegate responsibilities.

Anger can keep you awake unnecessarily. When you are in bed, do not allow yourself to think about the anger you may feel. Although angry thoughts harm you, they will not affect the object of your emotion in any way.

8. Relaxation
Take the time to practice some simple relaxation techniques before going to bed to calm your mind and wind down.

With your eyes closed, take slow, deep breaths, making each breath progressively deeper.

Relax each muscle one at a time, beginning with your toes and ending with your head. Tense every muscle tightly, keep it tense for a moment, then relax it completely before moving on to the next muscle.

Close your eyes, visualize a peaceful, calming activity or place, and concentrate on the relaxation the activity or place gives you.

Meditate and count your blessings, concentrating on even the smallest things for which you can be grateful.

9. Remedies
Milk contains tryptophan, a chemical that induces sleep, so a glass of warm milk may help you get better sleep.

Herbal supplements like melatonin, valarian and chamomile may be helpful as well. Your body naturally produces the hormone melatonin at night to help regulate your biological clock, so a melatonin supplement from natural sources may give your brain neurons an extra boost.

10. Professional Help
If you still have sleep problems after trying various remedies, you may need to see a sleep doctor to determine if you have a medical condition causing your difficulty. For example, a common disorder called sleep apnea can cause your airway to close briefly during sleep a few times each night. That condition can make you feel drowsy during the daytime, but a simple device that delivers continuous positive airway pressure as you sleep may relieve the problem.